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Josef Milon

Josef Milon / Managing Director | (+420) 603 598 158

I was born in Brno in 1980. I have been connected with the city for my whole life, including studies at Masaryk University. I graduated in 2007 (Czech and Russian Language and Literature Study Programme) and I continued in this field in my work. Even though I specialized in literature during my college years, I turned to the language mostly when I started my own business as a Czech and Russian language teacher and interpreter.

I founded Ypothesis Language School in 2012. After four years in educational and translation business, the number of provided languages jumped to twelve, number of my colleagues rose to tens and the total sum of courses and translation projects to hundreds. At the beginning of 2016, I started thinking about the re-branding and expansion. The Language Hub turned to be a name describing perfectly that we are not just a school, but also an institution covering the wide sphere of language area: exams, audits, certifications, translations and interpreting.

When not working, I am interested in sports (all kind of them) and literature (quality one, preferably).

Languages spoken: Czech, Russian, English, German.

Betty Prokesova

Alžběta Prokešová / Director of Studies & Sales | (+420) 607 729 279

I come from Brno where I have been working as an English teacher since 2008. I am a Masaryk University graduate in Teaching English and English Literature. During my studies I have developed passion for phonetics and phonology which encouraged me to start my career as an English teacher. I have undertaken various English courses and passed Cambridge CPE exam (Certificate of Proficiency) in 2014. Throughout the years I have added other skills as interpreting and translating to my curriculum.

Apart from that I hold a master´s degree in Political Science with a specialization in political marketing. The skills I acquired during my studies have come useful especially when I joined Language Hub. I am proud to be a part of this expansion from a language school to an institution that covers various language areas.

In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga & meditation, learning languages, and dancing.

I am a native speaker of Czech and fluent in English. During my studies I have incorporated German, Italian, and Swedish into my language portfolio.