We're wired. Reliably.

We use several open-source systems to secure the operation of Language Hub. It gives us freedom, independency, and control over critical components, e.g. user accounts, privacy, security, logs, maintaining. All systems are installed on our servers.

For both frontend and backend, we use Moodle (modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment), a PHP learning management software that has been developed by an open-source community since 2002.

Each course comes with its own online folder that contains course information, attendance, calendar, study materials, links as well as quizzes and evaluation forms. It is an ecosystem serving to a complete overview of the course, its content and history.

Students have access to their courses via browser or through the mobile app (read more in the blogpost).

For online education, we use BigBlueButton.

It is designed especially for distance learning. The browser-based system uses pureHTML5 technology, runs on every operating system and mobile device.

Virtual classroom access is secured by Moodle, so every logged in user having their active online course will be able to join the session directly from Moodle via an existing username and password.

We use OmegaT CAT tool for delivering the translation projects.

OmegaT is an open-source application helping us to have the translation processes centralized, consistent, and controlled in all aspects. With the server configuration of the program, we work remotely in teams (project manager - translator - proofreader) to keep the texts coherent, accurate, and in the original layout.

Last modified: Thursday, 24 February 2022, 5:33 PM