Opening new perspectives

Get the insights to languages of your desire. We are helping people to understand the world by the knowledge of languages. Become one of our students and let us show you how it works.

Student-oriented approach

It is always a student who is in the centre of the educational process. We take care of everyone who studies with us, adjusting the pace, encouraging, motivating, revealing secrets of the studied subject.

Study materials by renowned publishing houses

We believe in this idea: that one specialist writes a book, and another one uses it to teach. We are not inventing a wheel, we just use the best materials worldwide, whether it is for studying Czech (Akropolis, Academia), English (Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press), or German (Hueber Verlag).

Computer-assisted education

Paper is brilliant to take notes on, computer is splendid when it comes to organizing and structuring information. Each student has an access to their course folder with the course summary, additional materials, links, tests, calendar, attendance overview. Plus, if a student cannot attend classes in-person, we have a state-of-the-art virtual classroom system for the distance learning.

Taught Languages Distribution

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