Language Hub Traffic-light System

This traffic-light rating system informs about the operation of Language Hub offices and classrooms. Currently rating is published here.


There are no limitations in the operation of Language Hub offices/classrooms.

It is possible:

  • to organize both individual and group classes without limitations in the number of participants
  • hold business meetings
  • use all equipments
  • to be in the building without wearing a mask


Language Hub operation has these limitations:

  • it is allowed to be in the building with the mask on only
  • group course is limited to 8 participants (one teacher + 7 students)
  • business meetings are limited to two participants
  • it is allowed to have mask off inside offices/classrooms if people can stay at least two metres away from one another
  • it is not recommended to consume food/beverages during meetings/lessons


Language Hub operation is restricted with these exceptions:

  • in-person individual classes (1+1) are possible:
    • with masks worn during the whole meeting
    • with
      • covid-19 vaccination or
      • PCR or antigen negative test (no longer than 1 week after the test)

it is not allowed:

  • to consume food/beverages in any part of the building
  • to use tableware
  • to be inside the building without a mask at any moment


Language Hub offices/classrooms are completely closed.

  • No in-person lessons/meetings are taking place
  • Neither teachers nor students are allowed to enter the building
  • Classes are taking place online using the Language Hub virtual classrooms infrastructure. Get more information here.

For business information or consultancy use or +420 544 212 355.

Updated: 2020-10-23, 21:35

Last modified: Friday, 13 August 2021, 12:43 PM