České šedesátky

"Czech Sixties" is a unique project of structured sixty-minute Czech language lectures for foreigners.

Events in 2019 ↗︎

Thursday, 31. 1. 2019, 20:00-21:15



The lectures are structured as follows:

1. QaA
A type of forum where everyone should participate. If you come across anything unclear regarding Czech language, feel free to make an inquiry and our tutor will provide an answer.

20-25 min.

2. Current Czech & foreign news
A brief monitoring of current affairs delivered in Czech language.

10-15 min.

3. Czech grammar
The tutor will cover a chosen grammatical phenomenon with relevant examples and exercises.

10-15 min.

4. Follow-up discussion

the remaining time


No linearity principle is applied here therefore your absence in one lecture does not collide with attending the following one. The minimum of A2 language level is required as all the lectures will be delivered in Czech. However, particular parts could be communicated in other languages.
The project Czech sixties is not a typical educational course. Sessions are not linked to each other and you do not need any texbook.


Notes will be provided online after each session containing covered topics, whiteboard scans and extra practice.
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Czech Sixties 2018 ↗︎


The lectures are paid, payment can be made by PayPal or credit card transfer. The price is set for each lesson separately.
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Join us free of charge for the first time. Make your reservation and stop by. We'll be happy to see you.


The lectures take place in Language Hub, Moravské náměstí 3 (Scala building), Brno, Czech Republic.

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