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by Josef Milon | Language Hub - Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 3:29 PM
Anyone in the world

When we implemented a video conferencing server BigBlueButton in April 2019 to support distance education, we knew only in rough outlines how important this tool would become for us in the upcoming months and years.

Since March 2020, all face-to-face education has been suspended. Thanks to more than a year of experience with the implementation of online lessons (albeit on a small scale), we at Language Hub were able to respond very quickly and move smoothly into the online space.

BigBlueButton is a video conferencing application accessible via a compatible browser, and no additional software needs to be installed on your computer, tablet or phone to run it. Its working is provided on our server and its management is completely under our own control.

The video conferencing interface has a high-quality audio codec, video transmission, user-friendly interface, whiteboard, collaborative text editor, voting module, screen sharing and audio / video materials directly in the lesson and other tools that very accurately simulate a real class and help the lessons run naturally.

We delivered 2,500 of them with the help of BigBlueButton from March 2020 to June 2021. This number gives us some feedback that the decision to invest in launching our own learning infrastructure made sense.

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