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by Language Hub Office - Wednesday, 20 July 2022, 3:52 PM
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The war in Ukraine set many people on the move, many of whom found refuge in the Czech Republic. As part of various administrative processes, it is necessary to submit original documents in Ukrainian with a legal translation into Czech to the Czech authorities.

Legal translation can only be made by a person registered in the list of interpreters and translators for a specific language, and the processing of such translation requires accuracy and a high degree of responsibility. At Language Hub, we have set aside a budget within which we pay the translators for their work, but we do not charge Ukrainian customers for it, and we bear the cost of making the translation.

As of 7/20/2022, we provided financial assistance in the total amount of CZK 18,500.

The translated documents were mainly birth certificates, marriage certificates, university diplomas and extracts from the criminal record.

We continue to help, and if you wish to request legal translation from Ukrainian to Czech, please use this form, call +420 544 212 355 or write to us at

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