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Dovolujeme si oznámit, že roční zpráva společnosti Language Hub, s. r. o., za rok 2021 je k dispozici k náhledu a ke stažení zde (.pdf, 7MB | menší rozlišení 2MB zde) Pro další dokumenty společnosti navštivte prosím dokumentový server.

Děkujeme všem kolegům a zákazníkům za dosavadní přízeň a spolupráci.

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Anyone in the world

There was a plan to implement new graphic elements to our webpage. The idea begun in January 2021 and was finally realised in May 2021.

A brilliant job has been done by a talented graphic designer Mihaela Burda Stoican, a former Language Hub student. 

Mihaela brought a spectrum of abstract, yet easily recognisable motifs and her clean style with bright colours graphically accompanies the main philosophy of Language Hub- to provide the best teaching and translation services.

Visit for more information on Mihaela‘s work.

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Picture of Josef Milon | Language Hub
by Josef Milon | Language Hub - Saturday, 23 January 2021, 7:08 PM
Anyone in the world

Na počátku roku byl spuštěn Dokumentový server, jehož cílem je koncentrovat soubory a odkazy pro potřeby lektorů, studentů a managementu Language Hub. Server má veřejnou a neveřejnou (dostupné po autentizaci) část.

Záznamy jsou katalogizované a vyhledatelné podle tagů.

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by Language Hub Office - Saturday, 12 October 2019, 8:32 AM
Anyone in the world

Language Hub server runs on the Moodle system which now allows you to get access to online content of your course in a new App available for both Android and iOS.

Download from Google Play

Download from App store

Once you install the app, you need to enter the page and enter your user name (email) and password for your existing account.

The system recognizes your account and displays your courses. The course folder in the app is identical content-wise with the folder available through a web browser. You can open different files (.doc, .pdf, .txt ...), pictures, links and fill in online exercises and use the forum. Some activities are not supported in the application and can be open on your phone in a web browser by clicking on the link.

Keep your app up to date.

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